This gorgeous underwater photo from Amy @capturedsimplicity is perfect to kick off our weekly theme which is ‘water’ #cm_water2 Amy is the cofounder of the hub @underwaterkids, a feed full of amazing underwater shots. You can tag any photos with water, not just underwater shots, to our theme this week but it sure is fun to learn about underwater photography! (However if you do tag underwater photos be sure to add the tag #underwaterkids for a chance to be featured on @underwaterkids) Amy, can you share a few underwater photography tips with us? **Also** Camera Mama moderator Allison @allisongipson will be broadcasting LIVE here tomorrow and the topic of conversation is underwater photography. Hope to see you then! (Monday at 5pm EST/4pm CST/3pm PST/11am Hawaii time) {Featured by: Rebecca @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama Founder} #cm_capturedsimplicity ****************************************************** Keep tagging your images to #cameramama, #getin52 or this week’s theme tag #cm_water2

Weekly Theme

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