This week, our theme was “trees”. Our followers showed us so many creative and unique images incorporating trees! I’ve compiled some of my favorite images and tips from the week to share with you here. Several are also are self-portraits with the kids, which is awesome. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)


Tiffany wrote: This was shot about 40 minutes before sunset. She got tired of her bike so she decided to gather some leaves to feed the ducks in the pond. 😅 I encouraged her to play in this area so the setting sun could cast that beautiful rim of light around her. I shot with my 50mm at f/1.6 1/500s and ISO 100. I recently converted to Kelvin and have been loving the results! In ACR, I warmed it a tad more to enhance the light and desaturated the picture. Then in PS, i enhanced and added more warmth to the shadows. Finally, I applied a vignette.

Such gorgeous light! Sometimes all it takes is encouraging kids to play in a particular area so that you you can capture them in that beautiful golden hour light. The bokeh from the light coming through the trees and wide open aperture is just so pretty!

Esi wrote: I did this picture with the Fuji x100t! I like to bring it on trips because it’s light small and easy and the pictures come out so cool! In post production i just played around a bit with color (enhance the blues) saturation (a little boost) and added some contrast.

As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. The little Fuji mirrorless cameras have stunning colors and are so small they can be taken almost anywhere, including standing in the ocean! (Shh – I may just have one on order for myself.)



Bethany wrote: This is with my iPhone, I used my big camera as a tripod (🙈), put the timer on and ran to my girls! I used the VSCO app to edit! 😊

No shame in using a cell phone, especially if it makes it easy to set a timer and get in the frame with your kids! I did giggle a little at using a DSLR as a tripod though – thinking out of the box for sure!


Ashley wrote: We’ve got a mixture of radial filters, gradients and brushes mostly done in Lightroom. Taking the contrast out of the background makes the boys POP! Focused a lot on highlighting points that were already naturally highlighted to give the feel of fallen sunlight. I’m very pleased with how this turned out! ☺️☺️

There’s so much you can do with radial filters and gradients in Lightroom – they are really powerful tools. Lowering the contrast (and looks like maybe exposure and saturation too?) in the surroundings definitely draws your eyes right to the kids.

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