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For this shot, I wanted to concentrate on the little one with her BIG personality. So I asked the dad to stay stationary while I played peek-a-boo with her to make her smile. I then had her mummy and sisters walking in the background a couple of times until I got the image I was looking for. (I wanted them in the background.) For all my family sessions, I start off with the traditional posing shots and once I know I have a handful, I then go onto the fun ones. Still posed, I have my clients interact with each other. I tell them to tell each other bad jokes etc. this also loosens up the dad.  From there I pretty much just tell them to have fun and pretend I’m not there. If I see them struggling and thinking of what to do, I guide them and 9 times out of 10 I always get a one of a kind shot like this one.  Every family I work with is different so I just get the feel of their personalities and roll with it. Plus I’m a big dork too which helps them smile.

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