Jaime wrote:
I was able to get in the frame so often for these reasons:
1) I have a Nikon D750 and use the wifi function and the Nikon App on my phone to focus with and as my shutter. If you aren’t using this you are burning precious energy going back and forth to your camera. Any Nikon or Canon with wifi might have this. 2) I started a Project 52 at the beginning of this year so that if anything ever happened to me, my daughter would have something more than just her memories of me. That motivated me. She’s only 9 and memories fade.
3) I started getting creative with props and editing, so I started looking forward to my weekly sessions and playing around in Photoshop to learn new things. An added bonus -When I am flying solo, I am much easier to work with than my kid 😜
4) I gave myself permission to not have to look directly into the camera. Something about that shutter makes my eyes pop out. It ain’t pretty. In the end, I do what’s easiest for me, and that makes it easier to take more pictures.
5.) A majority of my self portraits are taken in the same spot. Setup is a breeze because I am familiar with the lighting in that spot. Again, you are more likely to do things often if they are easy.


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