This week, our theme was “books” as more kids are headed back to school. My daughter loves reading, so this theme was especially near and dear to my heart. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)


Kate wrote: Sometimes I quietly peek in on them and my heart explodes because they’re the best of friends…then 5 minutes later one (or both) starts crying because the other took their toy and/or pushed them 😂 oh life with toddlers My top tip for photographing kids is to be an observed first, photographer second. Watch for those little moments, don’t let your camera be known right away 😉



Rachel wrote:  I took this using my 24-70mm lens. I edited it in Lightroom using @tribearchipelago LXCN preset. I knew I would have great lighting from the window so I only needed to adjust my shadows and the temp a little.


Mindy wrote: This was taken in my former high school library, before school was in session. My husband and my mother both work at the high school, so we had access to the library for a little themed session with just Lucy (my oldest). This was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 16-35mm lens, ISO 1000, f/2.8, 1/250 sec. I just bumped up the contrast in Lightroom and reduced a little noise. I also took extra care to make sure all the straight lines were level and vertical. The saddle shoes were my mom’s idea, I wore something similar when I was in kindergarten!


Mel wrote: I took this photo very late in the day when the sun was going down so it was a pretty dark image SOC and I wanted it that way so I could get the pretty shadows on the wall… so I raised the shadows and light quite a bit so it was bright like I love while also keeping the shadows. I also saturated the colors on the book because it’s such a beautiful book and those details are so recognizable so I wanted them to really pop. 🙂


She wrote: It’s just me and my phone, the girls make everything with such intensity…they don’t even see me 😂


Courtney wrote: My daughter is starting preschool for the first time soon and I wanted to capture some “back-to-school” photos to mark the milestone. My daughter has a mind of her own and doesn’t like to look at the camera and smile these days, which is normally fine because I love candids, but for this photo I wanted more of a portrait. I plan to take a similar photo with her current favorite books to compare year after year. I stacked the books up so I could see the titles on top of a cool old desk I borrowed from a friend and told her to put her arms on top. She had to sit on her knees because they were stacked so high! I told her all she had to do was look at me, she didn’t even have to smile, and this is the look she gave me. I love how it shows off her big brown eyes and that little sweet smirk! 😍As far as processing goes, I used one of my favorite VSCO presets and did some minor tweaking and hand edits to enhance her eyes. I shot it with a Canon 5D Mark lV and a 50 mm 1.4 lens.




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