***WEEKLY THEME ANNOUNCEMENT*** This photo from Jacquie @jacquiejohnsonphoto is perfect to introduce our theme this week which is ‘Lift’ #cm_lift With so much heartache happening for so many people affected by the hurricanes and fires this theme is to help remind us to lift one another up. No matter what our circumstances there is always something we can do to help lift the burdens of others. For this theme feel free to tag photos of the literal interpretation of this theme like in this photo, or service oriented photos. I can’t wait to see them! Jacque can you share with us how you captured this photo? I would love to know what lens you used and any other tips you have! ***Also, I have been working on an exciting new project and I can’t wait to tell you about it!!! Keep an eye on our Stories and Live videos this week for more information! {curator: Rebecca @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama founder} #cm_jacquiejohnsonphoto

Weekly Theme

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