Our theme this week was “gold” as we joined with over two dozen other hubs to raise awareness for childhood cancer. I loved seeing all the beautiful golden hour images as well as ones with fun pops of golden color. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)



Hayley wrote: I took this about two hours before sunset , shooting with my house or fence kind of cutting off the light , as you can tell by the flare, the lighting was still pretty harsh ! It was very hazy too so I used the dehaze slider in Lightroom very extravagantly haha ! Warmed it up and added clarity so you could see the bubbles really well ! ❤️❤️

The dehaze slider in Lightroom is great for cutting down haze from backlighting. And the clarity slider really helped the bubbles pop as well.


Melissa wrote: I took this on my camera and then used the Snapseed app on my phone to up the contrast in the photo and saturation of the sky, I also sharpened it up just a bit.

So many people are using their phone to edit images shot with their real cameras, and I find it so impressive how good the phone editing apps have gotten. Increasing the contrast and saturation really made this image pop!


Nicole wrote: I used my Nikon D700 and Sigma 35mm Art lens to capture this image. My settings were: ISO 200 f/1.4 1/2000. It was raining really hard when I took this image and I held a large umbrella so my camera wouldn’t get wet. We were jumping in puddles that were forming on the blacktop. I was able to catch this moment of her mid jump. The reflection is natural from the wet blacktop

The pop of golden raincoat here is great, and catching her mid-jump really takes the cake! Shooting from under an umbrella is a great way to get out in the rain for fun images like this. 


Liz wrote: This was shot on my 24mm at as 1/5000, 2.2, and ISO 100. I did some minimal edits in Lightroom playing with saturation, clarity, split toning, and the tone curve. Mostly I was just trying to get my 3 year old to sit still for a second and as I noticed the wind softly blowing her hair!

The processing on this is beautiful, especially the tones and the clarity in her hair. But sometimes the most important thing is just noticing the little details like the wind blowing in her hair and grabbing the shot. 


Jamie wrote: I decided to pull out the Christmas lights because I knew it would be a way to get some golden bokeh for @thegoldhopeproject! I then used my Sigma Art 35mm on my Canon 6D to freelens this image. I took several shots playing around with how much blur I wanted and I had my daughter twirling with the lights. I decided on this one as it didn’t feel so over the top as some with bigger bokeh.

So creative to get out Christmas lights for this theme! Shooting intentionally OOF is a fantastic way to create bokeh and enhance mystery in an image. 


Katherine wrote: I caught this image during golden hour with my 85mm, f 1.8, 1/250 ISO 100. My husband was gardening and my daughter was helping water the plants and she got an idea. I quickly ran to grab my camera because it was so funny. In post I used a SMAL 01 preset and I upped exposure, shadows and black and I lowered highlights and whites. I also increased my temp to 8000k and in the tone curve I increased lights and decreased darks and shadows.

Backlighting and water droplets are always such a magical combination! The editing on this image really helped enhance this great capture.

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