Carla said:
I was so excited to try freelensing. I like the soft and blurry effect especially on my favorite subjects: flowers and my toddler. I honestly just googled about it.  I adjusted my exposure settings first: 50mm, ISO 500, 1/320. I set the LENS to Manual Focus and set the focus ring to infinity, turned OFF the camera, and detached the lens.  Once detached, I turned the camera on and held the lens as close to the camera as possible (like when you’re attaching a lens but it’s not yet ‘locked’.) I turned the lens lightly left and right as I tried to ‘focus’ on my subject.  I’ve read this is easier done when camera is on Live view mode to easily see where the focus is. For this, I looked through the viewfinder. I did some minor adjustments in Lightroom for my desired effect. I thought it was easier to do it than reading about it the first time.

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