***WEEKLY THEME ANNOUNCEMENT*** This photo from @camera_mama_premium member Carolyn @thecuelife is perfect to introduce our theme this week which is ‘photos taken from a low perspective’ #cm_downlow I love how in this photo not only is it taken from a low perspective but Carolyn’s daughter is also crouching down low. This photo has so many layers of interest going on! Carolyn can you share with us how you captured and processed this gorgeous photo? This week’s theme was chosen by @camera_mama_premium member Beth @seasalt.and.evergreens Thanks for the great idea! {curator: Rebecca @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama founder} ✨Do you love Camera Mama? If so I’m betting you will love @camera_mama_premium too! Click on the link in our profile to join!✨ #cm_thecuelife

Weekly Theme

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