***WEEKLY THEME ANNOUNCEMENT*** This photo from Lindsey @lindseyingphoto is perfect to announce our theme this week which is ‘Food & Family’ #cm_foodandfam This Theme was inspired by the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday but it’s more than that…at our house eating together as a family is a huge part of our family culture. My husband is a great cook (lucky us!) and we all like to eat! (of course! 😜). However, I have realized I am terrible at documenting our family meals! Maybe it’s because I’m too hungry to care at the moment? 🤔 Anyway, I have grand plans to hang my camera from the ceiling and document our meals on a consistent basis, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. So I can’t wait to be inspired by your photos so I’ll stop procrastinating and just make it happen! Lindsey will you share some tips with us? {curated by Rebecca @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama founder} #cm_lindseyingphoto

Weekly Theme

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