***WEEKLY THEME ANNOUNCEMENT*** I love this photo from Aaron @thequesnelles! The complementary colors, her daughters cute face, and the homegrown tomatoes…one of my favorite things in the world…draw me into the frame. The theme this week is GREEN #cm_green2. There are already over 100 photos tagged to our theme by our newsletter subscribers. If you want a jump on the theme click over to our website and sign up for the newsletter. If your photos are among the first to be tagged to our new theme your chances of getting featured go way up! Aaron can you share with us how you edited this photo? {curated by Rebecca Franson @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama founder} #cm_thequesnelles ✨You’re invited to join our little @camera_mama_premium community. Click the link in our profile for more info.✨

Weekly Theme Announcement

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