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I had a loop that’s theme was hands, and as much as I wish I was an amazing documentary photographer like so many amazing souls I know, I’m not. It’s my biggest weakness in photography, so I knew I was going to have to do something completely different to fit this theme. I asked my son if he could be any animal what would he be and he said a tiger. So that’s where my idea came in because I knew I needed something involving hands. I just had him hold his hands to his face and got the portrait I wanted and then I took it into PS and got a tiger portrait I liked and lowered the opacity so I could place it where I wanted on his hands. I added a layer mask to hide the tiger and then cut out his hands/arms using the pen tool to make a selection and then clipped the tiger layer to that selection so it would only show up on his hands. Then I changed the blend mode to overlay. And then did my normal editing that I would do for a portrait.

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