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In this 44 minute behind the scenes video of senior photo shoot, Rebecca gave some valuable tips that you won’t want to miss. I felt like I had two big takeaways: collaboration and imagination. A photography session is really about collaborating and bringing your photography and a client’s personality together. And if that means you talk about sushi because it makes your client light up inside, then you talk about sushi! This was a great insight into how to make a session fun for everyone.


In total, this shoot had 3 locations, 3 shirts, and 336 photos. What do you do next? How do you price a shoot like this?

Rebecca said:

At Nic’s shoot we did 3 locations, 3 shirts and I took 336 photos of him. Which is on the low side. I then culled down to the best images and ended up with about 60, which is right where I want to be. For those 60 I edit them in LightRoom. The next step is to help my client decide what they want to do with their photos and from there I make further edits in Photoshop like removing skin blemishes and whitening teeth. I have simplified my pricing and almost all of my non-wedding packages are $550. That includes the sitting fee plus a credit. The amount of the credit depends on the client. This particular client has hired me once before and has also referred a client to me so because of that she gets more of a credit. Her credit amount is $400.

You can check out the whole gallery here, just enter your email for access. Here’s a peek though!


Behind the Scenes: Senior Shoot

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