One of our moderators recently had a new baby, so we celebrated with a “baby” theme this week. 🙂 So many adorable babies filled our feed this week, and I loved it! I’ve compiled some of my favorite images and tips from the week to share with you here. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these feeds on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)


Emma wrote: This one was shot with defused natural light. I use an opaque shower curtain liner to soften my window light.

I love the simplicity of this image. The light is perfect – I may be packing a shower curtain liner in my camera bag now! 


Vicky wrote: This was taken free lensed with my 35mm sigma art. Other settings were 1/640s, ISO640. I turned on live view so I could see what was in focus. In post processing I reduced the exposure slightly and lightened shadows a bit to make the image pop more. I also saturated the blues a tiny bit and warmed the skin.

Vicky captured beautiful details in this freelensed image! Great tips on focusing with live view and post-processing tips too. 


Meg wrote: I took this with my 35mm and stood on a stepping stool for this shot. I always bring a stepping stool to sessions with me. I placed mom and baby by the window. I wanted to capture an everyday, lifestyle moment in pretty light. In order to capture catchlights in the baby’s eyes I snapped my fingers closer to the window so he would look in that direction.

A step stool is a perfect tool to get up above your subject for images taken from above. And snapping to get baby’s attention made for great catchlights.


Andrea wrote: I shot this with my 35mm 1.8 lens. Settings were ISO 100 f/2.5 1/250 sec. My little guy was playing next to me and there was a patch of window light on the floor in front of him which was casting interesting catchlights in his eyes. In LR I upped the exposure and added contrast overall, and then used a brush tool just over his eye to up the exposure, lift the shadows, and add more contrast to make it pop.

Amazing detail and beautiful processing on this. Looking for interesting lighting is a great way boost your creativity and elevate your photos.


Liz wrote: As far as photographing twins my biggest tip is stay calm and tell the mom everything is going great! I have my own set of twins and just doing photo shoots is so stressful because one baby is always melting down (or sometimes even 2). Whenever one baby needs to be settled I will switch over to the other twin to get the individual shots I need. And don’t forget those individual shots of twins! The twin moms love to see their kids together, but also love capturing them as unique individuals as well. And of course keep in mind that the shoot may end earlier than expected, because the double meltdown is just a lot of chaos. So I always try to be super quick and efficient!

This is a lovely shot with beautiful light. Great tips for shooting with twins!


Jessica wrote: This photo was about 25% staged and 75% impromptu 😉 my older daughter genuinely loves taking photos with my phone, and she happened to be taking some photos (you know of her toys and things) and I asked her to take a picture of her sister. So when she did I snapped the photo. But first she told her sister to go by the window because that’s where the good light is Children definitely pick up everything their parents are saying Also it was shot with a 35mm and edited with lxcn presets!

I love how Jessica saw a moment, ran with it, and made such a creative photo! And I love that her daughter is learning to spot good light! 



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