Online Photography Training Videos & Live One-On-One Coaching 
Childhood is so fleeting. You only get a few chances to really capture these precious moments.
Online Photography Training Videos & Live One-On-One Coaching 
Childhood is so fleeting. You only get a few chances to really capture these precious moments.
“There is nothing out there like this. When I was starting out it was so hard for me to learn from other photographers– it's like sharing information was top secret. It shouldn’t be. Camera Mama Coaching is a place for moms who want to capture their own family history and maybe even earn some extra income on the side.”
Rebecca Franson
Founder, Camera Mama
Access live coaching & hundreds of hours of tutorials
Finally, a Way to Earn What You are Worth
Normally mentoring programs like this start at $100 per session!

For just $15 per month you can chat live with photo coach Rebecca Franson every month and have access to a large video training library.
Cancel anytime
Best value
Save 33% ($60) per year
During Zoom Coaching Calls:

Show Rebecca your camera settings, work out tricky technical questions


Learn how to better use your editing programs - Rebecca can edit your photos real-time on your computer


Share tips and advice with other photographers


Tips on growing a small photography business (Rebecca has run a successful photography business since 2012)

Over 10 years of
"Sometimes the best way to learn is to just get started. We help you to not get lost in the details, and to just let it happen."
Rebecca Franson
Founder, Camera Mama
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Invest in Yourself, for You & Your Family

“I’ve been wanting to start newborn photography for a long while now, but I was super intimidated to take the leap from hobbyist to an actual business. Since I’ve joined Camera Mama Coaching it’s given me so many tools and tips to give me the courage to finally make that leap!”
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What do you get with Camera Mama Coaching?

Weekly Coaching Calls

Sometimes without someone there to give you feedback you’re not sure what isn’t working with your photos? Get individual feedback in one on one mentoring sessions with Rebecca Franson, Camera Mama Founder.

Exclusive Photographer Instagram Community

Hundreds of photography moms are a part of our exclusive Instagram community. They are eager to share their knowledge with other like-minded photographers

30+ hours of video training

When you sign up for Camera Mama Coaching you gain access to the most recent episodes in the Camera Mama Video Series

Learn from the Experts

Uncover bonus content with hours of tips and tricks from behind the scenes photo shoots, editing sessions, and guest interviews
Hear from the Camera Mama Coaching Community

“I loved loved loved the lens talk. It was so practical and understandable.
I love just to hear you talk about your flow and how you think about things.”


“This was great to watch! Loved all the tips about lens choices and stepping in and giving directions! I have two extended family sessions coming up and that helps!”

Mary Anne Webley

“This totally spoke to me today! This is SO how my brain works. Hooray!!! Wonderful video.”


“Thank you so much for the feedback today!! I appreciate all the tips and thoughts, so valuable.”

Anita Iversen

“That was fantastic Rebecca! The most thought provoking chat. Thank you.”

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