Down Low

Theme Recap

This week our theme was “down low,” featuring compositions taken low to the ground or of subjects low to the ground. I absolutely loved seeing what everyone came up with for this theme! Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)



Chrissy wrote: Down low is probably my favorite perspective so any time I can put my camera straight on the ground, I’ll do it. That’s what I did here and I noticed that the more I included our island in the frame, the more it framed him and I loved unique framing.

Such a creative and dramatic framing element! 


Vanessa wrote: I use my Sigma art 35mm lens. For editing I do it all in Lightroom – I used Pretty Presets Bohemian Wanderlust, a large radial filter with slightly increased exposure, overall toned down highlights, darkened shadows and adjusted white balance to be quite a bit cooler.

The center composition and leading lines are just great here. Love this slice of real life. 


Lara wrote: My daughter was sitting in the window sill and I thought the light on her was photo worthy so I grabbed my camera and started shooting and a few seconds later she did this! The money shot 😃

The light and composition make this a great image. And waiting for the right moment really paid off!


Marissa wrote: I shot this on my 35mm at 1/60, 1.8, ISO 250. In Lightroom, I converted to B/W and upped the contrast, clarity, and blacks. I also applied a radial filter to the left side if her face to bring up the shadows a bit. I then took it in to Photoshop to increase the background a little since I wanted to emphasize how very little she is 😊

Great Lightroom processing for this B&W image. Expanding the canvas in PS made for a great composition as well.


Divya wrote: I have made it a goal to get in the frame this year and the easiest way is for me to use the interval timer on my Fuji xt-2! Normally I set her down and meter off of her/set focus. Unfortunately she’s been really clingy so I set a stuffed animal down (while holding the baby) and closed down my aperture and hoped for the best 😳 The best advice I can give is set a small object where you want to be, and meter/focus off of that and then step/sit right there!

So many great tips for getting in the frame!


Amanda wrote: This image was shot with the Sigma Art 85mm, setting were f/2.0 – ISO 640 – 1/2000 because kids move fast! The timing was everything with this image. I waited until the sun was low and gold, shielding my lens from the sun I back button focused, let my hand go and snapped. There was still a lot more haze in this image that I liked so in Lightroom I used the dehaze feature to minimize the amount. LOVE dehaze for backlit images!

Great tips to deal with shooting and editing with gorgeous backlighting!