Our theme this week was “eat” and it sure was a fun one! So many adorable and yummy photos were shared. I especially loved all the apple picking photos to get me excited about fall. And all the amazing photos and tips made it crazy hard for me to pick just 6 for the theme recap. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

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– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)



Rebecca wrote: I was kneeling in the apple trees for this one simply because the sun was so bright and hot. She was huddled in the trees picking so I had shade. I actually didn’t edit too much, I tweaked the oranges, reds and greens, lowered the vibrance to come up with the colors I liked. Then decreased my shadows and increased my blacks a bit. I used a 50 mm 1.8. Thanks so much! ❤️🍎

The rich tones in this are just fabulous! Tweaking the individual color channels can be such a powerful tool.


Shay wrote:  This photo is hand edited no presets I was struggling with the harsh light coming in from our glass door eat facing in the morning! I lowered the highlights and tweaked the shadows just a tad! I added a bit more drama with some contrast and saturation!!!

The light and editing combined to give this image such depth and drama. I love the direct stare and center composition as well. 


Beth wrote: In terms of composition, I usually try to make sure there is some sort of negative space so there is room to go within the frame. As for style, I am drawn to simplicity and calmness so I try to maintain a simple scene by removing any distractions before picking up my camera, whether that be a toy that isn’t necessary to my story or simply moving my camera to omit part of a scene or distraction!

Cleaning up the scene before picking up the camera is a great tip, and the negative space keeps this image from feeling crowded.


Andrea wrote: Settings were ISO 640 f/2.2 1/200 sec. To edit in Lightroom I upped exposure, contrast, shadows, and clarity. I lowered blacks, and highlights. I used a radial filter with increased exposure over his face, and another to enhance the light coming into the window above him. Then I pulled it into Photoshop and added an overlay.

I love the light and reflection in this image! The added contrast and clarity, and the use of the radial filter to enhance the light were wonderful touches.


Fiona wrote: I converted this image to black and white, increased the contrast on over all image, deepened the blacks and used my brushes to draw out the highlights in the steam and to brighten my son’s face slightly 😊

The contrast of the deep blacks with the light background really makes this image pop, and the extra highlights on his face and the steam bring your eyes right to what’s important.


Stephanie wrote: I shot this in my kitchen using my 50mm 1.4 lens and available window light. Settings were f2.0, 1/320 and ISO 640. I processed the photo in Lightroom using a preset from the @two_booms Recollections collection, and then bumped up exposure a little bit and added some saturation.

I love the color and light in this image! And the shallow depth of field focused on the beater with the background blurred is just perfect.

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