Honing Your Photography Skills to do What You Love

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This coaching session is with Mary Anne @q6mom & Kate @kateswest! 

Honing Your Photography Skills and Doing What You Love 

Mary Anne (Quincy, Washington) – Mary Anne and Rebecca chat about different photography specialties and honing your photography skills to do what you truly love (Mary Anne loves underwater photography)! During a computer screen take over, Rebecca used Adobe’s Lightroom Classic to edit some of the senior photos Mary Anne took. She changed the photo’s hightlights and worked on taming some pesky fly aways. Their session ended by talking about the keys to getting natural poses no matter the client. 

Using Instaproofs Photo Gallery 

Kate West (Portland, Oregon) –  Setting up digital ordering can be one of the keys to a successful photography business. The more your clients order, the more money you’re making. Kate worked with Rebecca to get her Instaproofs Photo Gallery up and running for her clients. They also discussed how to navigate photo copy rights and how to mark or unmark your photos using Instaproofs.

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Camera Mama Coaching is designed to give you personalized help on your photography journey. It’s a safe space to learn and grow at your own pace whether you are developing your style, developing your business, or wanting to put your big camera to better use. 

Here are some ideas of what topics you could ask about in a Coaching Session…

  • Feedback on photos
  • Business Questions & Feedback on Pricing
  • Photo Editing (I can even join your computer and edit a photo for you on your computer if all the technology stars are aligned!)
  • Random Photography Question

I can’t wait to help you with your questions! Thanks for being part of Camera Mama Coaching!

Rebecca Franson, Camera Mama Founder