How to Price Your Photography

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This mentoring session is with Wendy @wendyparrish_photography.

Wendy (Montana): Wendy shoots her family and her clients with a Canon 5D mx iii. Her Canon has helped her capture so many great photos she needed a way to brand herself and her business. This led to her recently going through a redesign on her photography business’ website, www.wendypphotography. To say it is gorgeous would be an understatement. Rebecca and Wendy discuss the ins and outs of a business website and what you can do to bring in clientele, no matter where you are. Finally the two talked about a huge factor in any business, pricing your photography. Watch this coaching session to learn what you need to know to price yourself, as a photographer, correctly. 


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Camera Mama Premium, The Photography Mentoring Program, is designed to give you personalized help on your photography journey. It’s a safe space to learn and grow at your own pace whether you are developing your style, developing your business, or wanting to put your big camera to better use. 

Here are some ideas of what topics you could ask about in a Mentoring Session…

  • Feedback on photos
  • Business Questions & Feedback on Pricing
  • Photo Editing (I can even join your computer and edit a photo for you on your computer if all the technology stars are aligned!)
  • Random Photography Question

I can’t wait to help you with your questions! Thanks for being part of Camera Mama Premium!


Rebecca Franson, Camera Mama Founder