Creating the Perfect Photography Instagram Profile and Bio

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Instagram profile tips were just one of the many things I discussed with Esohe during her one-on-one photography coaching call. Check out the video below to watch the entire coaching session! Did you know that you too can sign up to GET COACHED!?

Set up your photography Instagram profile and bio for success:

1.Instagram profile pictures that help you get new clients
Hiring a photographer is personal because getting photographed is an act of vulnerability. When a potential client is narrowing down who they want to hire, they’ve likely already eliminated photographers based on skill and price. The final selection often comes down to if they feel like they could connect with you as a person and feel like they would be comfortable getting photographed by you. This is why it’s super important that your Instagram profile picture for your photography business is a photo of you. Preferably just you, and preferably a closer up face photo since profile pictures are already so tiny.
2. Actionable tip to creating an Instagram Bio
When you select ‘photographer’ for your ‘category’ this eliminates the need to use precious space in your bio to type in that information. 
3.Should I use a ‘Personal account’ or a ‘Creator Account’ on Instagram?
If your Instagram account is currently a ‘Personal Account’ or a ‘Business Account’, a ‘Creator Account’ will probably serve you better. Here’s why.
Creator accounts offer daily insights. (Personal accounts don’t offer insights, and business accounts only offer weekly insights.) Insights will help you identify what’s working the best for reaching your audience.
For example, click on an individual photo and then on the ‘view insights’ button right under the photo. Once there, scroll down to the ‘Discovery’ section and look for what percentage of the people who saw your photo weren’t following you. This is a valuable indicator of whether your messaging is reaching new eyeballs. Study the percentages on different posts you have made.
What hashtags did you use on the ones that have higher percentages? What type of photos have higher percentages? Do the higher percentages have things in common that you can replicate in future posts? Once you start delving into the numbers you will find that there might be some reason behind the seemingly random results you are getting with your Instagram posts. Empower yourself by using Instagram Insights!
Here’s how to change your Instagram account to a ‘Creator Account’.
On your phone while on your Instagram page, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner.
Click Settings
Click Account & scroll down until you see the option to switch.
If you are switching from a business account to a creator account it will look like this:
If you are switching from a personal account to a creator account it will look like this:
4. Picking a name for your photography Instagram account
Since my first and last name are my username, there is no need to be redundant and put my name in the name field or in my bio. FOR SURE people want to know what your name is! As I mentioned above, hiring a photographer is personal and even if you are not looking for clients, when photography hubs are featuring photos, names are very helpful. The name field is the only part of your bio that is searchable. Putting your location is very strategic. If your name is NOT your username, at least put your first name in the ‘name’ field. Think about search terms your ideal ‘client’ would search for while in Instagram and use those terms in your ‘name’ field. I actually recently switched my username and name because the name of my business is hard to spell and pronounce. 
5. Instead of an email address use the ‘Contact Button’ on Instagram
Because the space is limited in your bio, you might as well not use it with things that you can include elsewhere that don’t count against your character limitations. Here’s what it looks like inside the ‘edit profile’ tab and also once you add it to your profile.
6. Don’t use a bitly link in your Photography Instagram profile
Amanda Myers, a.k.a. The Hashtag Fairy, says that Instagram users are better off using their actual website addresses in their Instagram profiles. She maintains that bitly links or other URL shortening links can look sketchy and that people may be hesitant to click on those links. Amanda is the founder of Photographer Hack and is a respected Instagram expert and who I learned most of the info in this post from!
7. Great Tips for Using Story Highlights
I shoot weddings, but not super often. If someone new is visiting my Instagram page, I want them to be able to quickly and easily see my best wedding work without having to scroll through months of family and senior photos. Use your Instagram Highlights like you would a menu bar on a website. A good rule of thumb is to have 6-8 Highlight categories with 6-8 photos in each category. But, do your own thing…those are just some loose guidance if you don’t know where to start:-)

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