Our theme this week was “lift”. The words our founder Rebecca shared when she announced the theme were too good not to include in our recap post:

“I just want to share With so much heartache happening for so many people affected by the hurricanes and fires this theme is to help remind us to lift one another up. No matter what our circumstances there is always something we can do to help lift the burdens of others.”

I loved seeing so many inspiring shares and photos this past week. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)


Jacquie wrote: To capture this moment I used my Sigma ART 35mm on my 5d mark iii….. in pretty sure I haven’t taken this lens of my camera this summer ❤️ we were down at the beach and some low fog started to roll in fast so I thought flying her on my feet wld be a cool way to capture it….. Luckily I’m pretty tall (5’10) so I was able to stretch my legs far enough to grab a good focus. I had quite a few good shots from this series but I loved how she was looking up with her arms out really enjoying the moment in this one! Thank you so much again for the feature! Excited to hear about the new project

What a creative way to compose this image! Such a great use of a wide angle lens!


Celia wrote: I typically use my canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens. The variable focal length allows me to easily change what to include in the frame. I do photograph my baby girl a lot! She’s our third and last child so I want to capture all the fleeting baby moments.

A zoom lens like the 24-70mm gives great flexibility for photographing little kids.


She wrote: We had just come home after evacuating for Irma. It had been an emotionally and physically exhausting experience. We were sitting at the dining room table when we saw a big rainbow outside. But by the time we got out there it was gone ‍♀️ so this is an overlay. I liked the symbolism of the rainbow and decided to take the picture anyway and add in the rainbow in post. This was taken mid day with the sun out so the vibrancy the colors were already there. I used a SMAL overlay and tweaked it.

This is a great example of not giving up your vision just because the moment may have passed. Also, the beautiful colors are a great excuse to shoot mid-day and not fear the sun overhead. 


Thao wrote: Yes, I did take it with my arms stretch up high as I could possibly get them the 24mm and tilting screen on my D750 helped too

Another creative way to compose an image! The wide angle lens and tilting screen are a great combination when shooting from overhead.


Kait wrote: I did take this with my iPhone just as the sun was setting and edited with Snapseed. I saturated the balloons a little more for the extra pop!

Such gorgeous colors in this silhouette! Adding saturation to the balloons really make them pop!


Jodi wrote: I shot this with my canon 35L II. This father was so sweet lifting his daughter up to grab the apples that I decided to place myself behind the leaves to frame it differently. I love capturing moments like this because it was completely spontaneous and genuine. I processed it in Lr using LXC presets as a starting point but have tweaked it quite a bit to fit my style. Hope this helps! ❤️

Shooting through the leaves adds such a unique framing element to this image.