3 Tips When Using Natural Light in Your Photos

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Check out the video for all the things I discussed with Rebecca about mastering light in her photos using her Canon 6D and her 50mm 1.8 and 24-105mm.


3 Tips When Using Natural Light in Your Photos:

1. Learn by Using Multiple Camera Angles and Camera Shots
If you are taking a photo with your subject in front of you camera, also try taking one from the right and from the left of your subject. Notice how the lighting affects how your photo looks. Which lighting effect do you prefer? Where was the light coming from in the photo you like the best?
2. How to Find Your Photography Style

Study photos you love; your photos or photos taken by other photographers. Where is the light coming from? Is the lighting high contrast? Light and airy? After you identify what types of lighting you are drawn to, play around with different options as you are editing. See what YOU like! Experiment with curves, contrast, dodging and burning. 

3. STOP Comparing Your Photos to Other Photographers Photos

Get INSPIRED by other photographers, but avoid comparing yourself or your work to their photos. Be curious, but as soon as you feel negativity creeping in, notice what is happening and avoid going down that path. Find a photography mentor who you can talk to and get feedback from about your photos (join Camera Mama Coaching!). Having someone to discuss your work with can help you stay out of your own head. 

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