Cloud-based or Classic? Which Version of Adobe Lightroom is Best for you?

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Cloud-based or Classic? Which Version of Adobe Lightroom is Best for you? 

  • Why Lightroom Classic is probably the best choice for you
  • How to switch to Classic if you are currently using cloud-based Lightroom
  • How to use presets in Adobe Lightroom
  • How to use the brush tool in Lightroom
  • How to change the green tones in Lightroom
  • How to darken just the background in Lightroom
  • How to import photos to Lightroom
  • How to apply edits to multiple photos in Lightroom




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Watching others get coached is also a GREAT way to learn! (Check out past coaching sessions on the website or tune in to a Live Coaching Session.)

Here are some ideas of what topics you could ask about in a Coaching Session…

  • Feedback on your photos
  • Business questions & feedback on pricing
  • Photo editing (I can even join your computer and edit a photo for you on your computer.)
  • Random photography questions 🙂

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