Valuable Skills to Up Your Photography Game

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This coaching session is with Laryssa @larymariano, Stacy @stacyjulian, and Kate @kateswest. 

Adjusting Your Photos Using the Brush Tool in  Lightroom

Laryssa (London) – In photography, setting white balance can be a very valuable skill. In this video, Laryssa and Rebecca talk about how to set white balance using the Kelvin scale. Without good white balance, the people in your photos can come out looking a little less human and maybe a little bit more oompa loompa-ish. When this happens using the brush tool in Lightroom to make skin color adjustments can be a life savor! 

A Super-Uber Photography Beginner

Stacy (Washington) – Stacy classifies herself as a “super-uber beginner.” If you’re in the same boat this session is for you! A good photographer needs all the proper photography gear. Stacy gets advice on new lenses, new camera straps, and bags for carrying cameras. Rebecca discusses how to shoot in manual using a Canon EOS 7D and how to get that perfect portrait. 

Self Prioritizing and Self Portraits

Kate (Oregon) – As photographers we’re always focus on getting photos of other people but Kate and Rebeccas chat about getting in your own photos and using a tripod. Kate wants to post more on Instragram and is looking for advice on captions that capture the public’s eye. 


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Here are some ideas of what topics you could ask about in a Coaching Session…

  • Feedback on photos
  • Business Questions & Feedback on Pricing
  • Photo Editing (I can even join your computer and edit a photo for you on your computer if all the technology stars are aligned!)
  • Random Photography Question

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Rebecca Franson, Camera Mama Founder