Best Tips to Crushing Your Photography Business Goals

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Check out the video below for all the real life situations I discussed with Amanda about busting through procrastination to crush her goals! Did you know that you too can sign up to GET COACHED!?

Best Tips to Crushing Your Photography Business Goals:

1. Understand the reasons why you might be working against yourself
In her book, ‘Better Than Before’ Gretchen Rubin teaches,“We can build habits only on the foundation of our own nature.” I hereby give you permission to STOP beating yourself up and START working with yourself instead of against yourself. Personality tests are a great way to understand yourself better so you can harness your strengths. Gretchen Rubin has a quiz that measures how people respond to expectations, and it’s fascinating! Take a quick quiz to find out why you aren’t meeting your photography goals. Get in on all the details we discussed about how this strategy can change everything for you!
2. Give Yourself Credit for Your Mad Camera Skills
We are so hard on ourselves! So often we are focused on everything we aren’t doing ‘well’ or that other photographers are doing better. We totally forget to give ourselves credit for all the amazing photographs we have already taken! Be your own biggest cheerleader! Remind your present self of all the hard things your past self has done to get you to where you are today. Get your future self’s back by doing today, what your future self will thank you for! You’ve totally got this my friend! Sometimes we can get in our own way and it’s helpful to have someone help you out a bit.
3. Don’t Stress Getting the Perfect Photo. Have Some FUN!
Start out by choosing to do something for your business that’s not your favorite thing to do, but that needs to get done. Tell yourself ‘This is going to be fun!’ and then make it so! Do what you need to do to get in the Photography Fun Zone! For me, that means when I sit down at my desk to do something that seems overwhelming, I light a candle, play my favorite instrumental jazz playlist on Amazon Music (Jazz Hangover), and put on some scented lotion I love or apply some essential oils. Doing dishes is my LEAST favorite chore. Ugggh! I would 100% rather do laundry than dishes, weird right? I am always trying to make doing dishes more fun for me. Putting on a cute apron, popping in my AirPods and listening to a book on Audible or a podcast, and buying cute dish rags are some of the things that have helped me feel like doing dishes is fun, but clearly, due to the fact that my sink is full of dishes as I write this, it’s a process! Need help to map out some ‘Fun Strategies’ to help bust through some procrastination that keeps you from achieving all of your photography dreams?
One of the things Gretchen Rubin tells readers is that the best way to achieve your dreams is to commit and to get an accountability coach to help you with the follow through. Consider sharing some of your journey with me. It’s just $15 for me to join your photography team! Finally, with a little coaching get the results you’ve been wanting – whether its becoming a better photographer, earning more in your business or just capturing your children’s childhood.

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