Check out the video for all the things I discussed with Monica about how to make her photos SHARPER! Having ‘soft’, not-sharp images can be so frustrating! I remember feeling super frustrated about sharpness issues when I was starting out, and I think it’s one of the top things that holds people back from charging for their photography. I would love to help you figure it out if you are having an issue with this!


Here are my top three tips for getting sharp photos:

1. Is your lens calibrated?
If not, take it to a reputable camera store and get it calibrated(should cost around $35 dollars). Knowing if your lens is calibrated may also reveal that a lens is not sharp. Cheaper lenses, like the 50mm 1.8 (around $125), are what I call ‘disposable lenses’. These lenses are total game changers, and an awesome and affordable starter lens, but after a few years, it won’t be sharp anymore and there’s not anything you can do to fix it. The quality, longevity, and price of a lens has a lot to do  with the quality of materials used to construct the lens. In the case of the inexpensive 50mm 1.8, the lens is plastic. On the other hand, a lens in the Canon ‘L Series’ is  constructed with top quality glass. Bottom line: If there is something wrong with your lens, nothing you do will make your images sharp until you fix the lens or get a new one. Shortcut solution: To determine if a faulty lens is your issue, see if you have the same problem with a different lens.
2. What shutter speed are you using?

My recommendation is to shoot at 1/200 sec or faster at all times and at 1/500 sec or faster when photographing running children.

3. Switch your mode setting to ‘single shooting’.
There are times when I use the ‘high speed continuous’ mode, but mostly just for jumping photos.
I know I say this all the time, but I just LOVE the opportunity to help the members of our coaching community with their photography questions! Thank you so much for being here! I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but I just love that technology (Zoom!) allows us to connect from literally all over the world!


Growing a small side photography business

During this coaching sesh I spoke with coaching clients from Ohio, Canada, and Georgia. I also realized that Amanie and Alicia have something in common…they are both small business owners who want  to take better photos of their products. who DON’T do photography for a business. Many of the members of Camera Mama Coaching have side photography businesses, but during this session I realized that many people with side businesses that have nothing to do with photography, could really benefit from joining this coaching program.


From 50 photo followers to 5,000 in a few months

For example, when Amanie joined Camera Mama Coaching a few months ago, she had less than 50 followers and now she’s almost to 5K!!! That is INSANE! I was able to help her with some direction and confidence with her Instagram feed and photos, and guess what? Amanie takes all her photos with her phone! Pretty amazing right?! You can check out her feed here: https://www.instagram.com/theplayfulfawn/ It makes me SO happy to see how great things are going for her! Sometimes you just need a coach! & I LOVE being her photo coach!
I have had several previous coaching sessions with Amanie and this time we talked about how she is looking to expand her photography skills from overhead flat lays to home interiors. She shared that she had attempted to take some non-overhead shots but that she was not happy with the way they turned out. She didn’t feel like they fit the look she was going for and the vibe of her Instagram feed. I gave her some homework so that next time we chat I can look at some of the photos she has taken that she is not happy with, and some photos from influencers that she does like, so that we can close the gap between the two.

Making photos look sharper

I also got the opportunity to coach Monica for the first time. You can check out her website at: www.lightandlenses.com. One of the things that was really bothering her, was that sometimes her photos were not looking as sharp as she thought they should. This is a very common question and I asked her a bunch of questions to figure out what was going on and how it could be fixed. The solution we came up with was for her to change the mode setting on her camera from ‘high speed continuous’ to ‘single shooting’. Sometimes the simplest thing can make the biggest difference! Monica had been racking her brain and looking at all sorts of other things that could possibly be causing her images to not be super sharp, but as we looked into each possibility, this simple mode change, a 2 second fix, was my diagnosis.


Tethering a Mac Laptop to a Canon Rebel T5

I also spoke with Alicia briefly about an issue she was having with tethering her Mac laptop to her Canon Rebel T5. Her new laptop was not ‘recognizing’ her camera. She ended up trouble shooting this issue and figuring it out by messing with the settings. If you are having this issue my recommendation would be to call Apple since it seems to be an issue that happened after purchasing her new computer. During our Zoom Coaching call, I got to take a peek at Alicia’s studio. So fabulous! I loved her blue wall and her logo on the wall and the stacks of beautiful fabrics! And I’m super excited about the face masks and bowtie she is custom making for me! Check out her website:


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Here are some ideas of what topics you could ask about in a Coaching Session…

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Rebecca Franson, Camera Mama Founder