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– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)


Meg wrote: This is my third year doing a 365. Some days I just capture everyday moments. Of course we have our traditions like many other families as well that are important to me to document. I also keep a list of shots that I want to capture at some point. It’s a running list that keeps me motivated throughout the year. On days where I’m just documenting our daily life I’m often seen but not heard. I might try and manipulate the light and clear out clutter if possible. When I’m shooting something more stylized like this image, I often ask my children questions to keep them interested. I was asking my son what the leaf felt like here. Whether it was soft or rough, etc.


Ali wrote: I shot this at sunset after the sun had dipped behind the mountains! All natural light on my Nikon d810 and the new 105mm Nikkor lens. I think I was at 400 ISO, F2.0, 1/500, 5880 WB and mama blowing bubbles behind me. I processed it in LR with the Calypso Pretty Preset and then tweaked it slightly and finished with a slight tilt shift blur in PS! ✨


Sara wrote: I just put him down on a changing pad and started shooting with my f at 2.0. The I just bumped the exposure to what I want, also changed a bit of contrast, highlights, and shadows. And voila.


Jill wrote: I captured this in an in-home newborn shoot, with my trusty Canon 17-55mm. My setting were 50mm, f2.8, 1/100. ISO was 100 thanks to some lovely bright window light coming. I kept my focus sharp on those toes. Processing was really minimal – slightly upping my contrast and clarity, and pulling out some shadows. Thanks again for the feature


Dekyi wrote:  I didn’t have to do too much editing with this as I already got the mood by lowering the exposure quite a bit. I edited in Lightroom by bumping the contrast and clarity on his hands. Then used radial filter and darken the edges a bit. That was all. Thank you again


Lena wrote: I used my 35mm lens and natural light from the afternoon sun ( it was not direct). f 1.6 I bump my iso up to 800 if its on the dark side so I can use a faster shutter to reduce chances of blur.