This week, our theme was “music” and we asked our contributors to share with us images with musical instruments, song, and dance. It was such a fun theme! I’ve compiled some of my favorite images and tips from the week to share with you here. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)


Marion wrote: I shot this with my Nikon D750 and (Sigma) 35 art. Settings were 1/400 | 2.0 | ISO 3200. My older two were playing first with the 9 month old desperate to join, so I just put him on the bench and had a spotter nearby just in case, ha. I grabbed a couple shots from behind and then jumped up on the bench to get this one of their little hands. I’m kicking myself for not getting their feet as well!

Trying different perspectives when shooting is a great way to boost your creativity. Marion first shot from behind, then above, and wishes she’d have gone low as well. 


Tara wrote:  I set up my tripod and time lapse remote. I turned on my little guys favorite song and we jammed out! Such a fun memory!

This tip is just a simple reminder that getting in the frame with your kids doesn’t have to be posed and smiling at the camera. Don’t be afraid to have fun!


Daisy wrote: This is an old picture that I took last summer, as ist was quite cold here in Austria again last week I just felt like posting some summer feelings. I found this on my phone and edited it via the App Snapseed. I love this App. I I transferred it in Bw, raised the contrast quite a lot, darkened the background, especially around her hair, so that it pops out more. I took the picture late afternoon and from a lower angle because she sat up on a rock.

Beautiful black and white conversion with the Snapseed app! Selectively darkening the background was a great idea to really make her pop.


Rosie wrote: I did use my iPhone and I took it really quickly and thought it wasn’t as sharp as I would like but it was so fun I posted it anyway. My kids prefer having group photos taken than photos by themselves. I try to involve them in the photo and they have ideas for what they want to do, I also try to work in with their play but that’s not always a success. They all love music so are happy to join in for any type of musical capture. The hardest part is getting the baby to stay in one place for long enough!!! I use VSCO A6 but at about half strength and I adjusted the light a little bit in Snapseed. 💛💛💛

This super fun iPhone image is a good reminder that it’s not always about the technical aspects of a shot. Get all the kids in the frame and let them be silly!


Kasey wrote: This is from a while ago, but I know for sure it was my 50 mm lens, since that’s my only one 😋 For editing, I increased exposure and brightness on the main subject, then decrease the exposure on the surrounding areas to get a moody feel. Then cropped it in a little tighter. That’s about it! I only edit on my phone 🙈photoshop mix 🙂

I love that this was shot on a DSLR but edited on a phone using Photoshop Mix. This is a great phone edit that really draws the attention right to the subject!


Julie wrote: For this image I was using my 50 and stretching up super high to try to get it all in frame! 😂 I would have chosen my 28, if I had a chance to grab it….but when you are in the moment with a two year old involved, you gotta just take what you can get!! After doing a clean edit on this image I knew that converting to BW would eliminate distractions and really show difference in my son and mother-in-law’s hands and the texture of their skins 😁  I use a Nikon d750, and Nikon has a 28 1.8 lens. I love it because it gives me a little more than the 35 without getting super wide angle 😁

Julie made this shot work with the lens she had on to capture the perfect moment. Sometimes you can’t wait to change lenses and just have to go with what you’ve got!



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