Ruth said:
This image was taken with my Nikon D750. I used the in camera interval timer and set it to take 10 images with two seconds between each image. I also had my daughter stand in the location where I would be standing and quickly set the focus on her then switched it to manual focus in order to avoid having the camera auto refocus. I then quickly joined her after activating the shutter release. I repeated this a few times mainly because I caught her yawning in several of them 🤣. The window was camera right maybe 1-2 ft away and I used the white curtain in our bedroom to soften the light so it wouldn’t be too harsh.
Side note: My son and daughter have been so excited about the arrival of their new sibling. They sing and talk to their baby brother often. It was easy to compose this image because she was doing something she naturally does several times a day.
I also set a delay in the timer to give me time to jump in the image and engage with my daughter.

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