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This shot was inspired by the tic-tac-toe type of images that I saw a lot in food/still life photography. It was a simple composite. I first drew the grid with a chalk and set up everything other than my little guy on the blackboard side of my son’s painting easel. And I was shooting with my 16-35mm lens at 24 mm and f/4. A wide angle lens made it so much easier to shoot looking down. Then I asked my son to lie down and shot a few images of him with the snow angel pose at the same location so the lighting matches easily. I had my son lie down on the floor and I was standing on our dining table and shot at 24mm focal length. My boy is barely 3, so that makes it easier, too. If you cannot fit [your subject] in one image, maybe try and take two, then stitch then together in Photoshop.  I then cut him out and placed him on the flatlay in Photoshop. And the final step was to add proper shadow to him using drop shadow and curve adjustments to make the whole thing look more realistic. Hope this helps!

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