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It’s so hard to get my teenager in the frame. Not only does he not want me to take his photo, but he’s not at home with me as much as the younger kids either. I always ask (and beg 😉) him to be in images and sometimes he agrees. But I found the best way to get images of older kids is just to allow them to do something they love, and capture them doing those things. My teenager loves to surf, skate, and do magic tricks and he’s always happy to have me take his photo doing those things. At the beach, I usually expose for the whole frame to make sure not too much is blown out. If a small amount of sky is blown out, I’m ok with that, but not too much of it (I have “blinkies” turned on in my camera). That’s why he’s still a little dark here: I didn’t want to blow out the sky. I processed in Lightroom, and brought the shadows to +100 and hilghlights to -100 (I added back some contrast with the tone curve). I used a radial filter over my son to increase exposure a little bit, and graduated filter on the sky to decrease exposure a little.

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