Sasha wrote:
We visited the White Sands National Monument in NM with my husband and my two sons, the largest gypsum dunes in the world. My husband took this photo from a very low angle (I think he actually had the camera on top the sand). My settings: ISO 100 35mm f/7.1 1/500sec. Shooting in RAW was such a game changer for me and all the possibilities of post-processing that came with it. I opened my my RAW photo in LR warmed up the photo a bit, decreased exposure, decreased my highlights all the way, increased my shadow and white sliders. In my HSL sliders I decreases the saturation of a yellow and increased the Luminance of Orange. Also, I used spilt toning by adding a cool tone to my highlight and a warm tone to my shadows. In PS I played around with curves and color balance.

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