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We had an adventure up to the summit of an old volcano with views over the city.  It was an hour after sunset, my favourite time! I just love it when it’s dark enough that there is contrast from artificial light and yet light enough that there is enough detail in the shadow areas from the natural light.  So, it was starting to rain and there was a good breeze which was whipping the raindrops around and when I saw them all lit up in the floodlights I just about squealed… no, actually, I’m pretty sure I did.  The tourists up the top must have thought I was a bit mad!  F1.4 – ISO 3200 – 1/640sec using my 50mm f/1.2 lens.  Yes, my ISO was crazy high, but totally necessary.  I needed my shutter fast enough to freeze the raindrops and there was very little light. Lucky I love grain!!

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