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My older daughter (6 years old) actually took this shot! We were having fun exploring a forest preserve and she said she wanted to “practice.” I got her settings all ready to go on the camera and positioned myself and my little one and then let her snap away! This was with my 85mm 1.2 lens and we were pretty wide open, at 1.8 I think, 400 ISO, and shutter speed of 1/320. I also shoot Kelvin and had it at about 7000. In post I REALLY deepened the shadows and added contrast to get rid of some of the haze and make it much moodier. I use both LR and PS and finished it off my using a VSCO preset that I tweaked (one of the Agfa Vista ones). I don’t usually use the presets, but playing around I really loved how it brought the mood to life.

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