Under 1001 Followers

Theme Recap

This week we featured CameraMama supporters with under 1001 followers. The photos shared this week completely blew me away! I love when we do themes like this, because it’s a great chance to find new Instagrammers who you may not already follow. Take a few minutes to read the tips here on the blog, then go check out these ladies on Instagram to see more of their great work!

– Kelley K (@kelleykphoto)



Candace wrote: The sunset was gorgeous last night and my kids had no intention of getting off those swings until I hauled them all off to bed, so sometimes you have to work with what’s on your plate. I had my face and camera literally in the grass for this one with my nifty 50. I think it was shot at 200 ISO f7.1 and maybe around 500 for shutter speed. Very minimal editing. I think I cropped and maybe bumped the saturation a bit.

Getting low on the ground and using a narrow aperture are great tips for capturing a silhouette image like this.


Jocelyn wrote: I played around a lot with curves, making sure to matte the blacks and add some contrast. Then I adjusted my colours, turning down my yellows and up my oranges. After that it was just a matter of some little tweaks here and there ☺️

Excellent process tips and composition!


Dorene wrote:  I shot this in my son’s room beside the window that gets great afternoon light. In processing I darkened the background a bit more to bring focus to his face and added some contrast and a little clarity in LR.

This stunning image has fabulous light and a wonderful black and white conversion. 


Lauren wrote: Indoor lighting is my favorite. I always try to find pockets of light in my house and just wait for these 2 trouble makers to end up there lol! These pockets of light make the “everyday” tasks look way better on camera!

Love how Lauren looks for pockets of light in her home like this! Great capture!


Chaya wrote: I took this photo with my canon 5d mark IV, and my settings were ISO 125, f/1.4 and shutter speed at 1/640sec. In post, I brought it into Lightroom and converted it to bnw using a VSCO preset. I then increased the contrast, exposure, sharpening and some other minor touch ups. ❤️

Great contrast in this black and white conversion, and wonderful framing.


Sandy wrote: This was shot with a lens baby edge 50 mm. That lens is really a challenge to work with because of its moving bellows and it’s completely manual, but it makes those really dramatic depth of field. Plus it always seems to capture the light so beautifully. I shot this just as the sun was going down and the still water was reflecting the clouds. She was watching a big horned owl on the opposite shore, so she was already turned to the last of the light. I underexposed a little to keep the colors deep and rich. I processed first in Lightroom from a @clickinmoms garden preset which I’ve tweaked and it brought out the blue and orange saturation a little more as well as bumped up the contract and blacks. I then brought it into Photoshop where I use the exposure X2 plugin from @alienskinsoftware to make final adjustments. I wanted to keep everything dark and moody, so I didn’t mess around with it too much, and these are both fairly quick techniques.

Great shooting and editing techniques for this stellar Lensbaby image!