***WEEKLY THEME ANNOUNCEMENT*** Happy Easter everyone! This week’s theme will be highlighting accounts with fewer than 400 followers. If that’s you, hashtag your fav photos, old and new, to #cm_under400. This photo is from Shilpa @sharolikar. I find myself feeling so inspired as I look through her amazing feed. Shilpa mentioned on her feed that she is especially drawn to taking environmental portraits like this one. Shilpa I would love it if you shared how you approach taking environmental portraits and any tips you would like to share! {curated by Rebecca Franson @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama founder} #cm_sharolikar #cm_firstfeature ✨Hot Tip: the weekly theme is announced via email 24-48 hours BEFORE it’s announced on the IG feed. I almost always choose the first feature, and often times more features, from those who tag their photos to the new theme early. To get that email, sign up for our newsletter on our website: www.cammama.com. ALSO if you want to find the theme announcement during the week but you don’t want to scroll back through previous posts, you can find the weekly theme posted on our website AFTER it is announced on the IG feed.✨

Weekly Theme

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