*** WEEKLY THEME ANNOUNCEMENT*** This photo from Stacey @staceybrandonphotography is perfect to announce our theme this week which is The 4th of July! #cm_july4th 🎆Check out the hashtag to get some holiday inspo from our newsletter subscribers who have already tagged some super inspiring photos to our new theme. Stacey can you share with us how you captured and processed this photo? Love it!!! 🇺🇸 You too can get the jump on the theme, which gives you a better chance of getting featured, by subscribing to our FREE weekly newsletter. After the theme is announced here on the IG feed you can also find the theme on our website: www.cammama.com 😉😘 {curated by Rebecca Franson @merrakaiphotography, Camera Mama Founder} #cm_staceybrandonphotography

Weekly Theme

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