This gorgeous portrait is from the fantastic Amanda @amandamedrowmyers! I love that your son has two differently colored eyes! Sooo cool!

This week for the theme we are switching things up a bit thanks to an idea Amanda hatched! ⁣

⁣Here’s the reason behind this theme: We really want to cultivate community and connection and friendships here on Instagram. We’ve found, for us, that’s the best and most rewarding way to use Instagram! In order to participate in the theme this week here’s what to do:⁣


1. FaceTime or video chat with one of your Instagram friends that you have never met in real life before.⁣

2. Take a screenshot of the two of you while you are talking.⁣

3. Post that photo to your Stories and tag @camera_mama and #cm_community⁣

What happens next…we will post your story to our Stories AND feature one of EACH of your photos on our main page! So basically, it’s a lot more steps than normal BUT you’re basically guaranteed a feature! ⁣

What happens if we have sooooo many participating that we run out of feature spots for the week? I hope that happens and we’ll figure out what to do if it does… but don’t worry, it will be worth it! ⁣

We can’t wait to see the community and friendships that grow this week! ⁣

Check out our Stories for a screenshot of Amanda and I chatting last week! (Although we were not technically following these rules because we HAVE met in real life!) ⁣

And onnnnne more thing! Amanda, could you share with us how you captured and processed this? SO good!! Love it! #cm_amandamedrowmyers {curated by Rebecca @merrakaiphotography}⁣

Weekly Theme: Community