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Inside Camera Mama Premium you’ll find hours of video that will help you grow as a photographer. Created by Rebecca Franson, founder of the wildly popular Instagram account ‘Camera Mama’, this educational venue is specifically crafted with the busy mom in mind. If you are a fan of Camera Mama’s Instagram, you’ve got to come check out Camera Mama Premium where we take everything to the next level! Our membership based program brings you fresh material every month not just from Rebecca, but from other photographers as well. This one-of-a-kind program is an amazing value you won’t want to miss out on! Dive in and take your photography to the next level with Rebecca’s guidance and support!


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Not only do we have a killer library of educational videos, but each month we drop new videos that show things like behind-the-scenes at actual photo shoots, guest interviews, editing, posing, printing, and so. much. more!


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“I came up with Camera Mama Premium when I realized that the Camera Mama community was hungry for a deeper dive. This idea presented itself as the perfect solution to provide up-to-date, current photography teaching based on the new things I’m constantly learning.”
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“I’ve been wanting to start newborn photography for a long while now, but I was super intimidated to take the leap from hobbyist to an actual business. Since I’ve joined Camera Mama Premium it’s given me so many tools and tips to give me the courage to finally make that leap!”
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“I loved loved loved the lens talk. It was so practical and understandable.
I love just to hear you talk about your flow and how you think about things.”
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“This was great to watch! Loved all the tips about lens choices and stepping in and giving directions! I have two extended family sessions coming up and that helps!”
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Tip of the Week


Shawnna said:
It’s not always easy to get both a toddler and a dog to do what you envision, but I’d say my number one tip is to get them interested in the location I want to capture them in and then give them something to do (eat a sandwich, give pup a treat, explore the tree, play with a stick). This way I can try to capture an authentic (often candid) moment in their surroundings. And when it comes to kissing pictures, they love to kiss each other so just ask them to and they pretty much will in any location or situation. ☺️

Tip of the Week chosen by @kelly.crews


Tip of the Week


Chelsea said:
Ahhh thank you so very much for the feature @camera_mama 🙏🏽😘🖤 and your kind words!!! Nothing special for editing … I applied an Embrace preset with tweaks, adjusted my temp warmer quite a bit, and upped my saturation on my color sliders on my warmer colors. I played around with my tones a bit since they have three different skin tones and moms hair is white. I finished in Imagenomic Portraiture to get it a bit creamier. This was a very dark day but the fall colors were a huge help to get this warmth. Plus they are adorable which is always a plus.

Tip of the Week chosen by @kelly.crews

Tip of the Week


Yana said:
Here are my TIPS: 1.) plan your box layout in advance, especially if you have multiple people per box, so the final image is well balanced in terms of composition and color.  2.) Having some overlap between boxes (even if it’s just a hand or a foot dangling into another one) adds a lot of visual interest and it’s fun to plan. 3.) Experiment with colors! That’s what I had the most fun doing here. In this case, I used the Hue panel in photoshop to change the original beige/light brown color of the box. I feel it really helped the costumes pop.

Tip of the Week chosen by @kelly.crews

Tip of the Week


Lori said:

I used a tripod for the photos to make sure each photo was as similar as the next (box wise). So that I didn’t have to deal with manipulating the image to get the boxes to line up in PS. I kept the tripod & my camera in the same place for each photo, as well as the box (as much as possible…the kids were a little excited & it did get moved around).

Tip of the Week chosen by @kelly.crews