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Jen said:
I used a tripod for this. My husband had actually just surprised me with it because I’d been propping my camera on tables, dressers, etc. I used my canon 6d with wifi and the app on my phone with a two-second timer. I set it up before rocking her to sleep and then waited patiently until she was out. This is one of my most treasured photos. The extra effort to get in the frame is so worth it!  [My settings were] 1/250 f/3.2 iso 1000. We were facing a window. The base of the edit was Winter from the Solstice pack by @meg_nlo , which I love, especially for window-lit indoor photos.

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Tip of the Week


Kellie  said:
I’ll whip up a stack of pancakes for you straight away! 😉 This is shot with the Profoto A1 bounces off the wall camera left and a 24mm 1.4 lens. Getting down nice and low to the table makes that stack look even bigger and allows me to block most of his face so we are drawn straight into that cross eyed, ravenous gaze. Hope this helps!

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Tip of the Week


Lana said:
I shot this at ISO3200, f2.8 and 1/200. To frame her, I shot through the tiny spaces that made up the walls around the room this beautiful mama was sitting in. I wanted to give a sense of the world revolving around mom and her new baby and I hope that comes across in the portrait.

Tip of the Week chosen by @kelly.crews

Tip of the Week


Shilah said:
First we painted our set, a few 4×8 flat panels for the floor and walls. Then we shot each of us individually and then separate shots of our feet dangling as well. Finally we shot a blank shot of the set to use as the background to get rid of shadows on the floor. In Photoshop I merged our leg dangling shots with our bodies and raised us up on the wall. It was a lot of work but we really loved the end result!

Tip of the Week chosen by @kelly.crews

Weekly Theme: Hands



This photo from Bri @briviglianco is so gorgeous! It’s perfect to kick off our theme for this week which is ‘Hands’ #cm_hands2. Bri can you share with us how you captured and processed this? What a treasure! ⠀

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#cm_briviglianco {curated by Rebecca @merrakaiphotography}





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